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This material requires professional fabrication and must be delivered or picked-up by a fabricator.
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Product Description

Calacatta marble-inspired quartz, featuring a white background with bold, dynamic gold and grey veining

“Bathed in Light”

In the glow of the setting Tuscan sun, rays of gold cascade through the once bustling city streets of Matera, Italy. Its peaked spires and steep winding roads of luminous stone are bathed in light before the sun sets. We recreate the scene of Matera’s ancient city with Aurum’s warm flowing veins that are set against a base of luminous light.

You can almost hear the distant church bell tolling, smell the fires glowing in hearths, feel the ethereal aura of a city bathed in twilight. Aurum’s subtle but thick veins hark to Matera’s winding roads. Warm hues set against a brilliant, clear base that brings luminosity to minimal designs. Pair it with rusts and golds, or find inspiration in bolder palettes for an unforgettable aesthetic.

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