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Calacatta Oro

Calacatta Oro



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This material requires professional fabrication and must be delivered or picked-up by a fabricator.
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Product Description

Quartzite-inspired quartz, featuring an off-white and grey background with bold, dynamic brown and grey veining

“Formations of Fire”

We found our inspiration for this design at Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah. Looking down into the canyon at sunset, you experience the embers of light falling like a curtain of fire over every crevice and peak, illuminating the intricate art of its steadfast stone fortresses.

Deep in the belly of the valley, the Colorado River carves its winding way through fiery formations, oblivious to its contrast against the mighty peaks and jagged paths. We wanted to capture the electric intensity of the valley as it comes to life in reds and golds, and balance of coolness in the snaking shape of the river below — recreated in flowing veins across grey and white quartz. Calacatta Oro is both shade and fire, filled with mesmerising energy and gentle lull of nightfall.

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