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This material requires professional fabrication and must be delivered or picked-up by a fabricator.
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Product Description

Ijen Blue quartzite-inspired quartz, featuring an off-white, blue-grey and brown background with dynamic blue-grey and rust veining

“Petals in a Floating World”

Inspired by Japan’s Nijo Castle’s cherry blossom festival, Sakura’s warm tones fall against deep nutmeg branches. White intermingles with gray and multilayered patterns tell a story of ethereal blooms, and of a floating world steeped in transient wonder. We recreate this scene where the most fleeting but enchanting beauty is celebrated — the juxtaposition of the last blush of spring and the rain-drenched branches in Sakura’s cloudy surface.

The gray-hued, clouded backdrop animates with delicate veins — some bold and deep, some gentle like a falling cloud of petals. The play of light and dark, of soft clouds and deeper tones bring a gentler expression to your design, marrying perfectly with bolder statement pieces, or minimal aesthetics.

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