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Sierra Cirrus

Sierra Cirrus



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This material requires professional fabrication and must be delivered or picked-up by a fabricator.
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Product Description

Calacatta marble-inspired quartz, featuring a bright white background with bold, dynamic light brown-taupe veining

“Mountain Melodies”

There are few places on earth more humbling, majestic and utterly enchanting than the Himalayan mountains. In Sierra Cirrus, we wanted to answer that innate human curiosity to own the unknown and the highest place on earth. We illustrate luminous peaks of jagged movement, somehow seeming both soft and asperous, exhilarating and all-consuming.

Through a flowing composition of bold taupe shading against a radiant backdrop, this design articulates a drift of cirrus clouds, appearing above the mountain peaks — perfectly mirroring the smooth vistas and misty, white valleys. It’s a style that’s about permanent beauty and temporary wonder, bringing a sense of ice and altitude, conveyed through patterns of shade against brilliant white – adding a luminous aesthetic and bold radiance to your design.

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